E-Giving Frequently Asked Questions

What is the e- Giving program?

It is an opportunity to have your weekly contribution conveniently transferred from your checking or savings account into the church's bank account.

Why checking/savings account transfers?

Today, people are willing to have money transferred from their bank accounts to pay mortgages, insurance premiums, utility bills, fitness memberships and more.  The reasons are convenience and the certainty that a payment won't be skipped.  The Cathedral e- Giving program benefits those who want to ensure their contribution are received faithfully and consistently without the hassle of writing checks and remembering envelopes.

Will it cost me anything extra?

No, the church will cover the small monthly service and transaction fees.

How often will I be able to give electronically?

The dates available for an account to be debited are the 1st and 15th of each month.  If the 1st or the 15th fall on a weekend or holiday, the debit will occur on the next business day.  Accounts can be debited once a month or twice a month.

Can I change the amount of my tithe or offering transfer?

Yes, you may do so by calling the church at (217)522-3342.  Additional gifts may be placed in the offering plates on Sundays or given online directly through our website:   www.cathedral.dio.org

What are the benefits?

Parishioners who work on weekends, go away on vacation, are out of town on Sundays or are no longer able to attend church due to health reasons can stay financially connected to the church
Parishioners won't omit giving by mistake
Cathedral E-giving makes it easier to manage church budgets because the church leadership can rely on guaranteed income every month

How can I join Cathedral’s e-Giving program?

1. By visiting the web site – www.cathedral.dio.org-- and electronically submitting a completed enrollment form OR
2. Use the program's paper Enrollment Form (attached) to indicate the amount you want to contribute each month from your account to the church.

  • Indicate amount here and keep for your records:

                                    $_______      ___ Twice a month (1st and 15th)              ___Once a month (1st or 15th)

  • Be sure to sign your name and indicate the date.
  • Return the completed enrollment form with a voided check to the church by mail or by bringing it into the church office. Your first e-Giving gift will be transferred in about two weeks.