Parish School of Religion

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The Cathedral Parish School of Religion (PSR) is for children kindergarten through sixth grade who attend a school without formal religious education as part of their curriculum. We also offer a preschool class for three and four year olds. Through PSR we aim to educate and form the students in the Catholic faith by deepening and reinforcing their knowledge of religion and values for living and to prepare them for the reception of the sacraments.

Parents have the first responsibility for the education and formation of their children and the harmony of the family. The PSR catechists are volunteers who seek to fulfill the ministry of the Church; by sharing the message of Jesus, promoting community, and encouraging service and prayer. By doing so, they help parents fulfill their responsibility as primary educators.

Classes meet on Sunday evening, from 6:15 p.m. - 7:30 p.m and end in May. We start each year with a family potluck and meet the teachers night and end each year with a family potluck.

Anyone wishing to register their child(ren) for the program should download and complete the Parish School of Religion Registration Form and the Safe Enviroment Form and return it to the parish office along with a payment. If you are interested in finding out more the program you can call the Parish Office at 522-3342.

Why Your Child Should Attend PSR

To deepen their knowledge of the faith

  • To become part of a community
  • For Liturgical education
  • For Moral education
  • To learn different forms of prayer
  • For Missionary initiation
  • To prepare for and receive the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist (grade 2) and Confirmation (grades 7/8)

Policy of Missed Classes and Absences

Just as in all other classes, the PSR catechesis builds on each lesson such that regular attendance is necessary. Parents should do all in their ability to keep regular PSR attendance a priority in their child's Christian formation. Tardiness and absenteeism records will be kept by all teachers.
Arrival and Dismissal Procedures
Students may arrive between 6:00 - 6:15 p.m. They are to enter the school from the Cass Street entrance, or from the atrium if coming from Mass, and should go to the School Hall and be seated at the table marked for their grade. At 6:15 p.m., each session will start with a prayer and then the children will be dismissed along with their catechist to their respective classroom. All classes will return to the School Hall at 7:20 p.m. for a closing prayer. Students are to remain in the School Hall until parents or guardians COME IN to pick them up. For the safety of the children, the Cass Street door and the atrium door will be locked as soon as the children are dismissed to the classrooms. Only the Cass Street door will be opened to pick children up. It will remain locked until 7:15 p.m. You may ring the door bell, if you arrive early to pick up your child.
Cost of the Program
Pre-registration fee, through August 31, 2016 is $40 per student and $75 per family. On September 1, 2016, the fee is $50 per student and $100 per family. Checks should be made payable to Cathedral PSR. Students receive their textbook, which they may keep, and any supplies needed for projects. All fees should be paid by October 1, 2016. If for some reason, you need to make special arrangements, or the fee is a burden to your family, please contact the Parish Office at 522-3342.

Cancellation Due to Inclement Weather

If classes are cancelled due to inclement weather, or for any other reason, you will be notified through a phone call.

Classroom Expectations and Discipline Policy
  • 1. Respect, courtesy, loyalty, cooperation and orderliness are expected in every classroom. It is the responsibility of each student to learn the specific rules that his/her teacher requires and follow those classroom directives.
  • 2. Coats and hats must be left in the Parish Hall. No cell phones or hand held electronic devices are allowed in the classroom. No chewing gum will be allowed in the classrooms.
  • 3. There will be no running in the School Hall. Children are to be seated, and remain sitting before and after class.
    4. Acceptable behavior is expected in the School Hall, the classroom, hallways, restrooms and the Church. All teachers have the authority to discipline any student or group of students regardless of age or grade. A teacher has the right to send a student to the PSR Coordinator for further action.
  • 5. Students and teachers are to be kind and considerate of others. There are to be no "put-downs", hurtful words or actions and positively no physical contact - such as pushing, hitting or fighting.
  • 6. Behaviors that might require corrective measures are: classroom disruption, disrespect and verbal or physical abuse of others. Parents may be called to come for a child who has problems observing these rules.
  • 7. All teachers and volunteers will comply with the "Policy on Sexual Abuse of Minors by Church Personnel" and the "Policy on Working with Minors" set in place by the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois.